David & Taylor’s Wedding Quilt

I just got back from our long weekend in Florida to celebrate a family wedding! My cousin David married the lovely Taylor and of course I couldn’t resist making them a quilt to commemorate this milestone.

Another thing I couldn’t resist… going to the beach to take some photos “on location” before the event!


The wedding colors inspired the fabric selection, which came from my stash.

The center section is a simple nine patch + snowball combo. I came across it on Pinterest one day and liked how the design hinted at rings. I was short on the fabrics I would’ve needed to extend that concept throughout the entire top, so I stopped at a panel-sized section and worked out the borders through a bit of trial and error. The asymmetrical border inspiration came from here. The patchwork corners complement each other without being exactly the same — just like the bride and groom!




It’s hard to tell in these photos, but the border fabric is actually a directional scallop print. I was extra careful to cut all the pieces so that the orientation was upright throughout.


I love re-purposing selvages as ribbon for quilt gifts…


Congrats to the newlyweds! What a special day.Β πŸ’™