QuiltCon East Recap + Quilt Inspo!

A few weeks ago I attended QuiltCon! I had a wonderful time in Savannah and got to hang out with lots of fellow mods, plus catch up with many industry friends that I usually only get to see at Quilt Market. I was there for work, but this was the first time I got to actually got to spend time attending the show and exploring the surrounding area (rather than running a booth) so it was a very different experience! Totally inspiring.

First of all, I need to go back to Savannah and spend more time there. I only had a couple of days but it was long enough to fall in love. Ghost tour is first on my to-do list for next visit!

The vendor booths were jam packed with quilters. I tried not to shop too much, but resistance was futile. I bought a few indie garment patterns to try, a couple of fabrics that made me smile, and a Quick Curve Ruler and Chic Country quilt pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful. I see that quilt pop up now and then on Instagram and love the circular illusion. Hope to find the time to make one this year!


I also managed to snag a sweet pincushion from Fish Museum & Circus to give my stepmom for her birthday. I saw later that all her pincushions were sold out halfway through the show, so I felt lucky to get one in time!


I could hardly get photos of the pincushions in her booth as the little gems were being swiped off the shelves left and right. I think this little guy found a home just as I snapped the pic. (And how sweet are the little customized pins she includes with each cushion!)


And the quilts in the show… oh. my. lordy. Every corner I turned as I walked through the aisles, I found myself gasping in awe. It’s a pretty random smattering below, as the show was huge and picking favorites is totally impossible!

These four are group quilts. There were a lot of great ideas for collaborative/group projects throughout the show.

The maker’s statement on this one really made me chuckle. It won 1st place in the Minimalist Design category. She used the muslin strips that estheticians buy for waxing! Apparently they come on 50 yard rolls. “Wax and Wane” by Susan Kyle.

Best in Show! Bling by Katherine Jones. Foundation paper pieced.

This was some of the most playful quilting I saw in the show. Mountain Baby by Katie Larson.


Also by Katie Larson – Whatever. 1st place in the Small Quilts category. Inspired by one of the maker’s favorite pieces of advice: You can do whatever you want to do.

This one was a joy to explore close-up. The combination of hand embroidery, hand quilting and machine quilting was unbelievable. It won the Best Machine Quilting award. Madonna by Brittany Bowen Burton, quilted by Natalia Bonner.

Folksy Fish by Sarah Sharp. Quilted by Karlee Porter. This one reminded me a lot of a painting that my grandfather made of fish in a very similar style. I texted a pic to my dad and that was the first thing he said too!

Say Anything by Lysa Flower. Paper pieced with only horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree diagonal lines! Too cool.

3rd place in Minimalist Design category. Mod Blocks 2.0 by Betsy Vinegrad. Inspired by Dutch graphic artist Wim Crouwel. Love the matchstick quilting, I know I’m late to the game but I soooo want to try that.

Two more techniques I’ve been wanting to try. Hand quilting/hand-tying, and facing instead of binding. The texture of the tied quilting here is just oh my god, so pleasing. Forever Tied Together by Jen Broemel.

1st place in the Piecing category. Ode de Yoshiko by Marilyn Farquhar. She mixed many different fabrics for this including hand stamped and signed Yoshiko Jinzenji fabric.

A handful more… click for info!

Now, time to run to my sewing machine and put all that inspiration to work. ❤


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