Art Deco Faster Fourteen

This is a quilt that Jorge and I made about two years ago, for Spring 2015 Quilt Market — a sampling job for a beautiful Timeless Treasures art deco fabric collection called Charleston. The pattern is Faster Fourteen by Hunter’s Design Studio. Sam wasn’t kidding about the “Faster” part; we made this in just a couple of days, as the sample yardage arrived about a week before it was time to fly out for the show.


The quilt lives on our sofa now and gets a lot of love. I’d never had a chance to take a proper photo of it though, and the weather was so gorgeous this weekend — perfect excuse to enlist Jorge for a picture-taking walk with me! Without any clouds in the sky or leaves on the trees, I was getting discouraged on my hunt for open shade… until we came through this perfect Station Square overpass on the way home.


Aside from being a fabulous pattern designer and all-around pleasure of a human being, Sam Hunter is an incredible advocate – and resource – for makers and creative professionals through her We Are $ew Worth It movement! So I was extra excited to stitch up one of her designs.

We used a dense metallic floral for the back, which made the free-motion stippling a bit of a drag. Those gold flowers added friction and weight. It worked out OK in the end, but lesson learned!



Here is the quilt hanging in the Timeless Treasures QM booth in 2015. I was pretty excited about coordinating the display. Leslie used May Chappell‘s Clutched pattern to make those awesome purses hanging out in the corner. And the framed swatches are the actual antique fabrics that were used to develop the collection!



I’m still totally in love with these fabrics, and actually planning another project this year with what’s left of it in my stash. Stay tuned!


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