Handmade Christmas Part 1: Baby Stuff!

Happy New Year, all! I did a lot of sewing in December for the holidays, so I’ll be summing it up in three two parts. First up, baby stuff!


My brother & SIL have a boy on the way, due to arrive in about a month. Of course I had to make some handmade goodies to help them welcome my nephew!


As soon as I found out it was a boy, I knew I wanted to use Dear Stella’s On My Way collection. If this kid turns out to be anything like my brother, he’ll know how to drive a car by the time he hits grade school. Plus, my bro is in the Coast Guard, so the little boats were perfect. Most of the fabrics in this quilt are from that collection, and there are a few stragglers from my stash too.

The pattern is “Square Deal” from Amy Smart‘s Fabulously Fast Quilts, minus the borders.


I made a matching pillow with scrappy binding using the leftovers!



The back of the quilt is an out-of-print Timeless fabric by Samarra Khaja. Given my borough pride, I’ve been stashing the yardage for a while, just waiting for the perfect project. The detailed illustration features all five boroughs of NYC and totally captures the frenetic feel of this city.


Collectively, my whole family lives (or has lived) in all five boroughs. My nephew will be born and raised in Staten Island, and the first thing my brother did when he saw the backing was point out his Coast Guard base!


Here are the parents-to-be with their new baby room décor.


I also made a snuggly little blankie with plush backing. It was really quick and fun. The colorful circle fabric was given to us by a former colleague of Jorge’s. Isn’t it cute?



The labels for both the quilt and blankie come from Rae Ritchie‘s Made With Love collection for Dear Stella. So sweet!



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