Citrus Quilt for Baby Brandon

OK! As promised, here I am to share baby Brandon’s quilt. He will be a YEAR OLD (seriouslyyy?!!) next month and he is growing up to be one chill AF kid. It feels like he was a squishy mushy little peanut just yesterday! And now look at his cute little peek-a-boo face. Ohi bud!

Photo credit: Kiki Blazevski-Charpentier

I made this quilt for him a year ago and gave it to his then-parents-to-be at the baby shower on Halloween. Preggers Kiki was a sunny side up fried egg, Roland was bacon. The egg yolk was known as baby KiRo in those days. 🍳🐣

This was the first quilt that I made on my Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930, the machine I bought – and promptly fell in love with – last September.


I used Windham’s Citrus charm squares to make a simple patchwork quilt with borders. I love the juicy colors. The Lizzie House constellation border fabric came from the swap table at a guild meeting. Lucky find! It was pre-washed, and the rest of my fabric wasn’t, so I had no choice but to violate a major quilt police law: never mix pre-washed and non-pre-washed fabrics. The world ended.

JK, it was totally fine.


I stippled the patchwork section, and FMQ’d loops and bubbles on the borders.

brandons-baby-quilt-wmw3Before laundering. Ooh la la, so smooth!

After laundering. Ooh la la, so crinkly and ready for snuggling!


The back is a Citron polka dot by Timeless Treasures. This color is so delicious!


A section of squares that I sewed together with the wrong seam allowance went into the back. Happy accident!


Scrappy binding.


And nowadays this quilt is right where it belongs, under Brandawg’s smooshy lil bum. 🐥

brandons-baby-quilt-wmw10Photo credit: Kiki Blazevski-Charpentier


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